Interview with Tom Vargeletis

036 Tom Vargeletis / Entrepreneur


Thomas Vargeletis talks with us about how he runs his Full-Time Real Estate Photography business, how a person is similar to a business, how to avoid overthinking, how changing the way you think about something can change the way you behave, and we talk about how we're taught backward from the beginning to be consumers instead of entrepreneurs. Tom also discusses how when you're own boss, your mindset is everything, and he shares some tactics we can use to keep our head in the game on tough days.

Just Keep Showing Up with Patrick Ryan II

035 Patrick Ryan II / Personal Trainer / Do What You're Passionate About


Patrick Ryan II is an entrepreneur and Personal Trainer who offers one on one coaching as well as online coaching and you can learn more about his practice and training at There are loads of takeaways from this conversation. We discuss doing what you're passionate about, having compassion for yourself at whatever stage you're in, and avoiding the kinds of crippling over-analysis that can turn into an excuse for not doing something just because you're too busy trying to find the perfect way to do it. We also talk a little bit about black and white thinking, all or nothing sort of thinking that can easily drive you to give up, conquering your fear, asking yourself what would happen if the worst-case scenario did occur, how would you handle it. And most of all, Patrick tells us to just Keep Showing Up.

V.E. Saenz, Fantasy Artist

018 V.E. Saenz / Visual Artist and Illustrator


Illustrator and Visual Artist V.E. Saenz talks to us about following your heart and doing the work you're passionate about doing, he also delivers some great tidbits on printing, useful apps for artists, and social media marketing.

Victoria Van Dame tells the story of the O. T. Circus

034 Victoria Van Dame / O. T. Circus


Victoria Van Dame is an occupational therapist and the founder of the nonprofit art gallery, the O. T. Circus. The O. T. Circus hosts one night only pop up art exhibitions and summer art fairs. Profits from sales go to making the space a place where occupational therapists can come and work with patients. In this interview, Victoria tells a heart-wrenching story about riding the tides of intense loss and finding new shores afterward. We discuss how she manages the O. T. Circus alongside her career as an Occupational Therapist and talks about working with the right people. Victoria Van Dame is a survivor, thriving after some intense loss in her life. She's been through a lot and has come out on the other side of it with a heart of gold. She talks with us today about her story and tells us how she's a people artist and a master collaborator and task manager.

Ruth Dove, Co-Founder of Albuquerque Coffee + Creatives

017 Ruth Dove / Co-Founder Coffee + Creatives Albuquerque


Co-founder of Albuquerque Coffee Plus Creatives Ruth Dove talks about her career as a visual artist and graphic designer. 

Jennifer Spoelma tells her story and shares a plethora of information for those seeking a career transformation

033 Jennifer Spoelma / Career Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host


She owns her own business, Career Foresight Coaching. Jennifer Spoelma is the author of
Tell it Well: How to Discover, Own, and Share your story well'.
She helps people find their story, own their story, embrace their story, and live their story and explains that understanding your own story is life-changing. She talks with us about her journey from a fulltime career working for someone else to quitting her job and dedicating her time to running her own business full time.

She previously ran a chapter of The Rising Tide Society and grew membership from about 8 people to 350 members. She says it was important to surround herself with doers and to ask experts to come and teach since she discovered that the things she needed to know were exactly the things other people needed to know and she shared her educational journey. She found that the publication of her first book was the beginning of something new, and discovered where meaning comes from in a career.

Jennifer Spoelma helps people find balance and alignment in their professional lives, she helps people deal with imposter syndrome, she talks with us about negotiating your value, what to do in an interview, and what to focus on when pursuing your professional goals. There's a plethora of great information in this conversation.

NMPBS Executive Producer Michael Kamins

016 Michael Kamins / New Mexico PBS Executive Producer


An inspiring and heartfelt conversation with New Mexico PBS Executive Producer, Michael Kamins about his life and career.

Dr. Lee Francis IV tells his story

032 Dr Lee Francis IV / Writer Entrepreneur Business Owner and Publisher


Dr. Lee Francis IV tells his story. He's the owner of Red Planet, a comic book store located in downtown Albuquerque. He's also the owner of the Native Realities publishing house, featuring incredible tales of indigenous icons. And he's the author of Ghost River, a beautiful graphic novel that tells the story of the Conestoga people. We'll be hearing more about all of these projects and learning how this dynamic, industrious business owner does it all. Dr. Lee Francis IV takes us through a day in his life and talks through taking a project from an idea and making it into a reality. On his trek toward success, he tells us, that he wants to bring as many people as he can with him, and he does just that.

Rich Boucher, Albuquerque Poet

015 Rich Boucher discusses his book, 'All of This Candy Belongs to Me'


Rich Boucher performs some of his  humorous, inquisitive poetry on modern topics we can all relate to. We discuss the publication of his book, 'All of This Candy Belongs to Me'. 

Mellow Malone, Albuquerque Rapper talks about being a professional musician

031 Mellow Malone / Musician / The Professional Attitude


In this interview with Albuquerque Musician Mellow Malone, we discuss having a professional attitude and what that means in the face of criticism. 

Roy Sumner Johnson / Gallery Owner at Sumner and Dene

014 Roy Sumner Johnson / Why People Buy Art


We visit Roy Sumner Johnson in the fabulous Sumner and Dene Gallery in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico and he tells us why people buy art.

Jennifer DeSantis aka Lady Jenn D

030 Jennifer DeSantis / Mixed Media Collage Artist / The Awesome Episode


Mixed Media Collage Artist and Social Liaison Extraordinaire of the Albuquerque O. T. Circus, Jennifer DeSantis talks with us about print on demand technology and making art that is affordable. She also talks with us about how she avoids burnout, her goal of making everyone she meets feel better than they did before they entered the gallery, and using social media to land sales. 

Aaron M. Lewis / Musician / Composer

013 Aaron M. Lewis / The Sounds of the Stars


Musician and Composer Aaron M. Lewis talks about his inspirations, shares some mesmerizing sounds, and tells us how he's managed to make music a part of his professional life for so many years. 

Pat Berrett talks about the things that have made his successes repeatable

029 Pat Berrett / Photographer / Every Client who leaves is a word of mouth agent


Pat Berrett shares his story and talks with us about the skills he's developed that make his successes repeatable. He also shares a very special goal he has, that he makes his work so good that every client who leaves becomes a word of mouth agent bringing him new clients, and this is working! 

Jared Warren / Musician

012 Jared Warren / Musician


Jared Warren, an emerging musician in Albuquerque New Mexico, talks with us about getting your albums out into the world, selling your music, writing your music, performing, and being professional. 

Mike McGovern of The Bean Counter LLC

028 Mike McGovern / The Bean Counter LLC / Things Creatives Need to Know About Taxes


Mike McGovern of The Bean Counter, LLC talks some numbers with us and gives advice to creatives trying to make a living doing their creative work on how to prepare for tax season, deductions, expenses, bank accounts, book-keeping, earned income credit, self-employment tax, GRT, state and federal income tax, apps for tracking your gas mileage, and what you need to know in cases where you live and work in the same place. 

J.L. Johnson / Teaching Artist

010 J.L. Johnson / Teaching and Taxes


J.L. Johnson talks with us about the world of teaching...and taxes. 

Laura Balombini

027 Laura Balombini of the Red Paint Studio Tells us how she sells enough art to pay the rent


I ask Laura Balombini the question, "How in the world do you sell enough art to pay the rent?" and she answers in full detail. She's been in business since she was 7 or 8 years old, studying people and learning what works and learning the importance of the story behind the work. 

Shannon Yvonne Moreau

009 Shannon Yvonne Moreau / Romance Novelist and Writer


Shannon Yvonne Moreau is a romance novelist living, loving, working and reading in New Mexico. 

Peri Pakroo tells her story

026 Peri Pakroo / Small Business Coach / Author


Small business coach and published author Peri Pakroo tells the story of how she became the beloved coach we're all seeking in Albuquerque and beyond. She is the author of four books to date, all from Nolo Publishing including 'The Small Business Start-Up Kit' and 'Starting and Building a NonProfit, a Practical Guide', 'The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit' and 'The Small Business Start-Up Kit for California'. She also hosts a podcast that's even better than this one! It's called 'Self Employed Happy Hour', you can listen to her podcast, read her blog, and check out her coaching services and books on her website.

Kristine Maltrud of Art Spark

008 Kristine Maltrud of Art Spark Shares Business Tips for Artists


Kristine Maltrud of Art Spark shares some fabulous tips for independent creatives working to sell their wares or services. 

Patrick Trujillo talks about the formation of Not Made in China and how it became Homemade

025 Patrick Trujillo / Not Made in China / Co-founder Homemade


Patrick Trujillo works on his potter's wheel while telling us the story of Not Made in China and how that evolved into the amazing vision of the nonprofit organization, Homemade.

David Nakabayashi, Visual Artist

007 David Nakabayashi


A peek into the adventurous life of independent visual artist David Nakabayashi. He tells us all about how he's managed to produce so many breathtaking, large-scale, diverse, prolific works of art.

Sheri Crider establishes The Sanitary Tortilla Factory

024 Sheri Crider / The Sanitary Tortilla Factory


Sheri Crider tells the story of how she came to establish the Sanitary Tortilla Factory. In our discussion of her journey she mentions finding a good accountant, planning exhibitions and adjusting the yearly calendar, taking online submissions, and establishing an Artist Residency. 

Joe Cardillo, co-founder of Coffee Plus Creatives

006 Joe Cardillo co-founder of Coffee + Creatives


A conversation with Joe Cardillo about building a creative community in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Michael Wieclaw / Drummer / Music is the Enemy

023 Michael Wieclaw / Metal the Brand / Metal the Store / Metal the Residence / Music is the Enemy


In this fast-paced, exciting and musical adventure Michael Wieclaw tells us how he became the force behind Metal the Brand and the drummer for Music Is The Enemy. 

Danielle Rae Miller, Teaching Artist

005 Danielle Rae Miller


Teaching artist Danielle Rae Miller talks with us about Career Art Concerns and how to build your portfolio to prepare for showing in galleries as a professional fine artist. We also talk about women in art, art history, and much more.

Denise Weaver Ross / The Image Maker

022 Denise Weaver Ross / Wearing All the Hats


She's mastered several trades to make ends meet doing creative work. Denise Weaver Ross wears many hats and we talk a little bit about all of them. She's a Graphic Designer, a Web Developer, an Illustrator, and a Visual Artist.

Sandi Laudescher, Albuquerque Harpist and Visual Artist

004 The Journey of Sandi Laudescher


In this audiobook style podcast, we tell the story of musician and visual artist, Sandi Laudescher. 

Visual Artist Scott Greene

021 Scott Greene / Visual Artist and Print Maker


Scott Greene talks passionately about his work and his journey producing that work. In this episode, we talk about Gallery Representation versus self-representation, prints versus giclee /posters, websites, the artistic community, and more.

Ricardo Chavez Mendez, the Master of Curvismo

003 Ricardo Chavez Mendez the master of Curvismo


Ricardo Chavez Mendez, the master of Curvismo painting and owner of The Oro Gallery talks with us about his life and journey as an independent teaching artist.

Commercial Art Photographer Kevin Black

020 Commercial Art Photographer Kevin Black Shares Career Lessons


Commercial Art Photographer Kevin Black delivers a down to earth conversation about how to make a living doing Commercial Art Photography. He discusses the importance of having a mature business sense, learning from life and prevailing despite what happens to you, and so much more.

Dennis Liberty / Visual Artist

002 Say Yes to Everything with Dennis Liberty


Dennis and Lou Liberty talk with us about their family-based operation in which Dennis makes the art, Lou books the shows, and their daughter handles the online marketing.

Holly Adams, Actor and Director

019 Holly Adams / Actor and Director Creating 'No Place'


Actor and Director Holly Adams talks with us about the business of the film industry and shares her struggle to get funding for her first full-length feature film 'No Place'. 

Fear and Task Management

001 Fear and Task Management


The very first episode of the Wet Stuff Podcast introduces three books that are packed with wonderful information. We discuss Alexander Osterwalder's book, 'Business Model Generation' in-depth, defining the nine building blocks behind any functional business operation. We also look at 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen.