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Jennifer Spoelma

033 Jennifer Spoelma / Career Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host


She owns her own business, Career Foresight Coaching. Jennifer Spoelma is the author of
Tell it Well: How to Discover, Own, and Share your story well'.
She helps people find their story, own their story, embrace their story, and live their story and explains that understanding your own story is life-changing. She talks with us about her journey from a fulltime career working for someone else to quitting her job and dedicating her time to running her own business full time.

She previously ran a chapter of The Rising Tide Society and grew membership from about 8 people to 350 members. She says it was important to surround herself with doers and to ask experts to come and teach since she discovered that the things she needed to know were exactly the things other people needed to know and she shared her educational journey. She found that the publication of her first book was the beginning of something new, and discovered where meaning comes from in a career.

Jennifer Spoelma helps people find balance and alignment in their professional lives, she helps people deal with imposter syndrome, she talks with us about negotiating your value, what to do in an interview, and what to focus on when pursuing your professional goals. There's a plethora of great information in this conversation.


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