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Just Keep Showing Up with Patrick Ryan II

035 Patrick Ryan II / Personal Trainer / Do What You're Passionate About


Patrick Ryan II is an entrepreneur and Personal Trainer who offers one on one coaching as well as online coaching and you can learn more about his practice and training at There are loads of takeaways from this conversation. We discuss doing what you're passionate about, having compassion for yourself at whatever stage you're in, and avoiding the kinds of crippling over-analysis that can turn into an excuse for not doing something just because you're too busy trying to find the perfect way to do it. We also talk a little bit about black and white thinking, all or nothing sort of thinking that can easily drive you to give up, conquering your fear, asking yourself what would happen if the worst-case scenario did occur, how would you handle it. And most of all, Patrick tells us to just Keep Showing Up.


Aware Training with Patrick Ryan II