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Peri Pakroo tells her story

026 Peri Pakroo / Small Business Coach / Author


Small business coach and published author Peri Pakroo tells the story of how she became the beloved coach we're all seeking in Albuquerque and beyond. She is the author of four books to date, all from Nolo Publishing including 'The Small Business Start-Up Kit' and 'Starting and Building a NonProfit, a Practical Guide', 'The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit' and 'The Small Business Start-Up Kit for California'. She also hosts a podcast that's even better than this one! It's called 'Self Employed Happy Hour', you can listen to her podcast, read her blog, and check out her coaching services and books on her website.


Visit Peri Pakroo's Website to learn more about her coaching, check out her blog, and listen to Self Employed Happy Hour